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The Reasons Why the Miracles Keep Happening


A special thank you to our 2022 Corporate Sponsors


Mattie Miracle Level ($10,000)

United States Federal Credit Union

Titanium Level ($5,000)

Children's Hospital at Sinai

Kearney & Company


Platinum Level ($2,500)


Ostendio, INC

Gold Level ($1,000)

Results Direct

Silver Level ($500)

Chris Lantos Foundation

Goodhart Group

Premium Lawn & Landscape


Bronze Level ($250-$499)

Adobe Express

Dylan & Reese

Elevation Burger

FH Furr 

HKM Employment Attorneys

Kent Displays

Marks & Harrison

Restoration 1 of Springfield

Yes Career Coaching  & Resume Writing Services


$25,000 + Level

Lansing-Ricks 2020 Fund

$5,000 + Level

Ellen and Jeff Gehrs

Alison and Kyle McSlarrow

Virginia and Mauro Sardi

$2,500 - $4,999

Peggy and Dave Elkind

Lisa and Gary Miller


$1,000 - $2,499

Tamra and Ken Bentsen

Barbara and Don Brown

Karin Driscoll

Junko Funahashi and Tad Ferris

Ken Jost

Michael Jost

Debbie and Peter Keefe

Maureen Kiesl

Katie and Russ Magnuson

Jane and Paul Pisano

Andrew Rotherman

Marie and Gary Songstad

Denise and David Tordella

Maria and Darryl Van Duch

Cara and Bob Weiman

Ronee and Eugene Weissman

$500 - $999

Donna Armentano

Shirley Bloomfield

Lisa and Chris Brown

Liz and Michael Chiaramonte

Tom Colan

Amie Colby

Christine and James Cooper

Colleen and Ralph Folz

Danelle and Brian Fortune 

Kazuko Funahashi

Ali and Eric Goldwater

Sandy and John Goldwater

Jean and Jack Hersey

Bill Jones

Kevin and Jennifer Kiesl

Jean and Jack Hersey

Michelle Lai

Ilona and Attila Lantos

Rachel and Gregg Levitan

Tina and JD Lytle

Ashley McGee

Mike McGuinness

Adele Mouzon

Frank and Margaret Oliveto

Grace and Mark Putnam

Andrew Reidy

Kitty Rogers

Nita Seibel-Colgain

Aziza Shad

Kari and Craig Shapero

Maria and Peter Smith

Terri and Bill Tomoff

Maria and Tom Van Horn

Jennifer Young

$100 - $499

Al Adam

Audrey Adams

Beckie Anderson

Julie Andrews

James Arnold

Deborah J. Atkins

Mary Atkinson

Ann Bailey

Jaime Banks

Nancy Barbach

Mary Baylor

Michelle Bearman-Wolnek

James Beck

Louise Bedichek

Viki Bires

Ellen Blair

Richard Bloom

Leslie Bobrowsky

Michael and Rebecca Boggs

Jean Bouton

Michelle and Mark Bower

Paul Bran and Nina Levine

Marie Breton

Robyn Brickel Margolies

Kathleen Bridon

Charlie Brown

Lois Brown

Kathy Bruno

Ed Calvey

Catherine and Brian Canterbury

Paul Carew

Courtney Carnes

Katherine Carraway

Madeleine Caughey

Alfred and Britton Chahine

John Chickering

Patty Collette

Chuck Collier

Kathy Cordero

Victoria Coward

Gene Crabtree

Ann Crozat

Paul and Laura Cunningham

Alice and Kevin Curtin

Geannie Darby

Todd and Julie D'Attoma

Nancy and Dennis Dean

Stephen Dinos

Robert Donald

Brian Drennan

Nathan Driscoll

Paul Driscoll

Amelia Duley

Julia Elkind

Lee and Ted Ellett 

Grant and Miranda Elliott

Laurence Eng

David Engelhardt

Pam Fairchild

Tiffany Farrell

Joanna Felsenthal

Laurie Ferreri

Karen Fischer

Naomi Fischer

Lydia Floyd

Jeffery Foor and Melissa Weinstock

Mary Fritz

David and Benita Fuchs

Denise Garner

Cecile Garrett

Dawnee and Greg Giammittorio

Danielle Glosser

Richard Goldberg

Emily Goodstein

Bob and Ashley Glennon

Joan Goodman

Jill Gordon

Kitty Goyette

Leslie and Mike Greenberg

Jennifer Greiner

Edward Grieff

Jack Grimes

Tricia Grusholt

Lynn Gumowski

Nancy Heller Moskowitz

Robert Hennings

Ann and Bob Henshaw

Danielle and Larry Henshaw

Robert and Kaarina Henshaw

Joan and John Holden

Lisa Hooper

Katherine Hurley

Hisham J

Jennifer Jenkins Zabora

Kristy Jones

Edna Jordal

Ana Jubiz

Nancy Juday

Olivia and Brian Kane

Kate Kean

Helen Kelly

Marc Kramer

James and Sheri Krell

Ginny Krumme

Lisa Labella

Richard LaCava

Dan Lader

Jean LaFauci Schutt

Henry LaHaie

David Lampl

Kathy Lampl

Priscilla Lampl

Barbara LaRock

Marla and Donald Latham

Hyla Levine

Norman Lodato

Jessica Lopez

Nancy and Jeff Lopez

Ryan Luhman

David and Holly Lukens

Gloria Lusher

James and Blythe Lyons

Leslie MacCallum

Julie Marca

Martha Marks

Diane and John Mauk

Brian and Morgan McCracken

Carolyn and Don McFadden

Joe McGuinness

Tom McGuinness

Menachem Mendel Davis

Kim Messinger

Philip and Maureen Milite

Tim Mooney

David Morris

Bevin Newman

Carl Nielsen

James O'Donohoe

Shane O'Donohoe

Jen and David O'Donnell

Susan Elkind Orchant

Karen Parker

Belen Perez-Ovando

Mary Jane Pessaud

Cecile and Peter Phillips

Tom Powers

Carol Pratt

Michelle Price

Dawn Quill

Bryna Rapp

Andrew Reidy

Nancy Renfrow

Ann Ressing

Megan Roe

Donna and Joe Ryan

John Sapsford

Amy and Geosh Saxton

Mark Schwartz

Brian Sharkey

Patrick and Sara Sharkey

Jessica and Craig Silbert

Kellie and Mike Souza

Leanne Spees Purdy

Timothy Stang

Dominique and Kevin Stuart

Reid Stuntz

Carey Sullivan

Kevin and Joanne Sweeney

Kita Szpak

Carolyn Tadiarca

Heather Tavares

Edward and Bonnie Tessler

Christine Thayer

Kerry Thorburn

Beatrice Tierney

Terri and Bill Tomoff

Carly Vento

Lisa Vohra

Tim and Eleanor Vuono

Dan Waldman

Will Warshauer

Steve Weagraff

Betsy Wendt

Nancy and Richard White

John Whitesell and Phyllis Doyle

Lori Wiener

Jeanne and Frank Wilton

Leslie Woolley

Rich and Mona Yep

Betty Young

Andrew Zausner

Sheila Zimmet

$50 - $99

Jennifer Beck

Kelly Beck

Karen Beckhorn

Janet and Victor Bernhards

Joanna Bopp

Michelle and Mark Bower

Ariel Brettholz

Gustavo Bonany

Rebecca Broccato

Lois Brown

Catie Canavan

Sharon Cannon

Marie and Joe Cedrone

Christine Christian

Tara Claeys

Marija Claussen

Lisa Cohen

Anna Colangelo

Elizabeth Cook

Katy Dawson

Mary and Mike Doane

Timothy Doyle

Maggie Driscoll

Laurie Drysdale

Jaine Elkind Eney

Jeanette Feldman

Lexi Fields

Janet Finkelstein

Chelsea Flagg

Yoshinori Funahashi

Charlotte Gehrs

JoDee Geryak

Judy Gordon

Angella Griffin

Evelyn Griswold

Carol and Bill Gross

Sony and Mike Hambrick

Mark Hill

Shirley and John Huber

Ann Hayes Ronald

Anthony Iorio

Katy Johnson

Ann Johnston

Julia Keefe

Kathleen Kemp

Sarah King

Dan Lader

Hansen Law

Emily Lawton

Barbara Li

Tanja Mayer-Harding

Martha and Don Horne

Harriet Mair

Paula McCarron

Audrey McDade

Jennifer McMennamin

Alison McSlarrow

Nicole Milano

Bob Milite

Billie Mitzner

Jude Monsanto

Paula Murphy

Betsy Murray

Michele Nardella

Honey Nashman

Bill Novick

Mary Owens

John Padilla

Leni Perales

Angie and Tom Phillips

Joan Prentki

Aryeh Rabinowitz

Karen Reinhart

Susan Schlossberg

Debbie Schwartz

Andrew Sidle

Karla Springer

Janet Sumner

Laura Tartaro-McGowan

Bev Thierwechter

MaryEllen and Gene Thirolf

Christine Toler

Marisa Tordella

Maggie Vaughan

Carol Vederman

Vonnique Van Way

Cesar and Koseth Vinas

Katie Wallace

Lewis Way

Stacey Wiegleb

Karyne Wilner

David Yee

Up to $49

Trey Armstrong

Kelly Beck

Lydia Belzer

Katherine Bernhardt

Elizabeth Boehlert

Yehuda Cagen

Maire Casey

Moira Chance

Kelly Cleary

Alisa Connelly

Courtney Crews

Geannie Darby

Madi Dean

Alex Deans

Dawn Doucette

Maya Dycaico

Kelly Farris-Renner

Kurt Gehlhoff

Ella Goulet

Gisele Gray

William Groth

Brandy Hardy

Preston Heilig

Katie Henshaw

Erica Jones

Joan Jones

Carol Keller

Morgan Kempster

Lori Korek

Katelyn Kral

Adrienne Lai

Amy Lamphere

Emily Le

Adina Levitan

Barbara Li

Donna Lombardo

Marcos Martinez

Ron Mauk

Patrick McCarron

James McGuinness

Lauren McGuinness

Nadia Mokhtar

Elisabeth Montalvo

Sara Munson

Coleman Nathan

Annie Nealon

Kevin Orlandi

Amy Orne

Jess Owens

John Padilla

Maureen Page

Roseann Pairo

Valentina Payne

 Melanie Pflaum

Sara Proehl

Nancy Purdy

Michael Quint

Karen Reinhart

Matt Ries

David Rose

Hilary Sachs

Marian Shaw

Grace Sherner

Cappie Stiers

Faithann Stoner

Jacki Taliano

Michelle Templon

Nelsa Tiemtore

Patricia and Bernie Tilch

Katie Wallace

Jennifer Weiner

Marilyn Wiener

Mary Williamson

In-Kind Community Supporters



CVK Group Reprographics

JDS Associates, INC


Raffle Items

Blue Apron

Harbor View Hotel

Home Chef

Barrel Oak Winery

Needle on Full


Ellen and Jeff Gehrs

Debbie and Peter Keefe

Carolyn and Don McFadden

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