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Please consider donating generously to the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation. The MMCF is a 501(c)(3), a tax-exempt public charity, so all your contributions and donations are tax deductible under the laws and policies of the Internal Revenue Service. Mattie Miracle will send you a donation acknowledgement letter for your tax returns, but please be sure to consult a qualified tax professional when determining what the contribution means for your situation.


Thank you in advance for you contribution.   Together, we will can help make the miracle happen and help kids and families survive childhood cancer!

Funding and providing grants to researchers committed to developing more effective treatments and a cure for Osteosarcoma takes both dedication and support. Building the awareness of Osteosarcoma and Childhood Cancers and their devastating effects they have on both the child and their family takes time and resources. Educating those who provide services, who deliver healthcare, and who support those afflicted with these terrible diseases takes passion and backing.


The Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation is dedicated and passionate about helping researchers make new findings that will someday bring cutting edge treatments to sick children. Mattie Miracle is committed to building the awareness and delivering the education to those who are in a position to help children suffering from Osteosarcoma and Childhood Cancers.  But we cannot do this without you....

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