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Board Member

Ann Henshaw has a deep skill set as a health care consultant serving both large hospital clients such as MedStar Health and multiple physician practice groups. She has an expertise in operational improvement, process flow management, physician and hospital coding and billing and financial management.  Her clinical background as an occupational therapist has ensured that she always keeps a patient first approach to any operational change in the healthcare environment.  She is a problem solver at heart and is adept at leading people towards a common goal.  


Ann was instrumental in leading a community effort for “Team Mattie” including multiple fundraising events and scheduling support for the Brown family during Mattie’s illness.  She was successful on a financial front as well as in building a cohesive team of support.  Her efforts at organization and leadership on behalf of Team Mattie are now turned towards the MMCF and ensuring that the legacy of Mattie Brown will be evident in cancer care for years to come.


Ann is active in community associations, currently serving as the President of the Seminary Ridge Community Association and has served on sub-committees of the Alexandria City Public School Board and the Resurrection Children’s Center Advisory Board.  She is an active member of her church community, the Alexandria Soccer Association and the Saint Stephen’s and Saint Agnes Association of Parents and Teachers.


She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Boston University, a Masters of Public Health from UCLA School of Public Health and a Masters of Business Administration from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.  Ann is a native of Quincy, MA and returned to the east coast to live in Virginia in 1995 after ten years in the Los Angeles area.  

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